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“I just wanted to extend an ‘official’ Thank You for the beautiful flowers and chocolates from the Gifted Journeys Team, to me, for Mothers Day. What a beautiful gesture of love and consideration. I am so happy to be working with your company for this journey and believe the Angels have aligned us. I am excited to start the next steps as I feel them on my heels.  Thanks again for being awesome at what you do! And for choosing me to do it with you for the next year. Love and Gratitude.” D (Surrogate)

 “Honest, caring, and reasonable fees. Great egg donors and surrogates. Check with Wendie before picking your agency.” P.V. (Intended Parent)

“This is a wonderful agency! Staff is amazing. It takes a special person to do Surrogacy we commend all of your surrogate mothers.” Dr. Vicken Sahakian, (Reproductive Endocrinologist, Pacific Fertility Center, Los Angeles)

 “Everyday I look into the stunning faces of my children and realize how lucky, blessed and loved I am. I would not be the person I have become without them. It took two years of fertility drugs, two egg donors, 4 IVFS, one miscarriage, countless tests, weekly Dr. appointments and $80k to get them here. I can’t think of a better way! So today, I am humbly grateful to those who shared in the journey. Maude Crotchwill and Wendie Wilson-Miller (Gifted Journeys) your friendship, support and amazing work is always in my heart!” Lynn (Intended Parent)

 “Today Dr. Kolb (of Huntington Reproductive Center) will retrieve my eggs, fertilize them (thanks to my husband) then freeze them. Wendie Wilson-Miller from Gifted Journeys will help me pick the perfect surrogate. The child will be biologically SK’s and Mine but grown inside the surrogate. Xoxo” – GloZell (Intended Parent)