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In Need of a Surrogate (Gestational Carrier)

The Miracle of Life Through Surrogacy


Regardless of the circumstances that brought you to surrogacy, our caring staff is happy to help you through this part of your  surrogacy journey. We’ll start by getting to know you. It’s through these conversations that we can find you a wonderful surrogate who will be a part of helping you grow your family.

To sign up with our surrogacy program and start viewing surrogate profiles, please contact us at 818-505-3026 or email Wendie Wilson-Miller directly at:  At the same time, please make sure to complete our Recipient Parent Application so we have your information ready when we speak to you about finding your surrogate.

Being a Surrogacy Recipient Through Gifted Journeys
Our goal at Gifted Journeys is to make the surrogacy process as easy and stress free as possible. Our experienced surrogacy staff is always available by phone, email, or Skype to answer your questions and guide you through the surrogacy journey.

We also thoroughly vet well-qualified surrogates prior to accepting them into our surrogacy program. We take the utmost care in getting to know each surrogacy applicant as well as possible in order to make the best possible surrogacy matches. To ensure your surrogate also has the best possible experience during her pregnancy, surrogates are provided with a surrogacy support group and psychological services throughout their time with us.

Beginning Your Search For a Gestational Surrogate
Call our office to schedule a time to speak with one of our surrogacy directors at 818-505-3026 or email: Your scheduled meeting with Gifted Journeys (via Skype or in-Person) will include:

  • Education on the current surrogacy landscape in the US.
  • Discussion on timelines, realistic expectations, and how to begin your journey.
  • Creating a list of preferences to begin the search for your ideal gestational carrier.
  • A realistic and honest discussion of fees for the entire surrogacy process from start-to-finish.
  • Preparing intended parents, step-by-step, to move forward with their growing family through surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy Fees for Intended Parents:
Surrogacy in the United States is typically broken down into several different fees; however, the average “all in” cost on the agency side (including all fees except IVF clinic costs and newborn insurance for international clients) averages somewhere between $108,000 – $150,000.  The biggest cost difference usually depends on 1.) Where the surrogate is located,  2.) If she is a first-time or previous surrogate, and 3.) What type of insurance coverage she will need.  This fee covers:

  • Agency Fee and Retainer
  • Surrogate Fee
  • Surrogate Psychological Evaluation (in-person and written) & on-going support
  • Surrogate/IP Match Meeting with MHP
  • Trust Account Management
  • Legal Fees (IPs & Surrogate)
  • Surrogate Medical Insurance Policy
  • Surrogate Life Insurance Policy
  • Monthly Allowance
  • Health and Wellness Benefit Package
  • Med Start / Embryo Transfer Fees
  • Contingency Fees: (breast milk, c-section, invasive procedures, lost wages, etc.)

For a full breakdown of Gifted Journeys Surrogacy Fees, and to schedule a consultation with our President, please email: