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Egg Donor Recipients

The greatest gift you’ll ever receive

For Intended Parents

Working with Gifted Journeys means that we are by your side on the road towards family – no matter what type of family that is. We understand the path you’ve traveled that led you to us, and therefore we take our responsibility of additional guidance and support very seriously. We know that while for some of you, mourning and acceptance seeking are part of the egg donation process you can still move forward with a renewed sense of hope.

We invite you to take some deep breaths and some time to peruse our egg donor profiles and become familiar with the young women who have chosen to become donors and help you along on this journey where hope becomes life.

Our knowledgeable staff is comprised of women who have worked in the assisted reproductive technology industry for many years and have all been egg donors. Having given the gift ourselves, we can speak first hand to help you understand the process of becoming a recipient parent through egg donation. There are no silly questions and you should never feel embarrassed about asking anything.

To request a username and password for our secure egg donor database, email, call us at 818-505-3026 and we’ll be back in touch within 48 hours or less to grant access. If you’re further along in the process, you can complete our Recipient Parent Application. Once the application is completed, you can expect to receive a call from one of our cycle coordinators to schedule an interview within 48 hours of submitting your application.


The following fees will help future recipient parents understand what is involved in proceeding with an egg donor cycle with Gifted Journeys. We are also proud to offer reduced rates through the “Gifted Journey Gives Back” program.

Gifted Journeys wants to be able to meet the donor selection preferences of all hopeful parents-to-be.  We have created different programs to address these different needs:

Our Shared-Programs offer low cost options, including donors agreeing to take lower fees.

Our Regular-Program offers many previous egg donors, as well as a diverse selection to fit your preferences.

Our Exclusive-Program offers donors who are more difficult to find, such as Ivy League or highly educated, athletes, models and spokesmodels (both domestic and international).

Feel free to reach out to the Gifted Journeys staff to inquire about our different programs:

Frozen Egg
On occasion we have frozen eggs available as a reduced cost option. Please contact us for further information.  New advancements in the freezing process (vitrification) have allowed us to freeze eggs prior to fertilization with a high success rate. To learn more about frozen egg banks and success rates, please visit here.

Specific Jobs or Life Situations
If you and/or your partner meet one of the following criteria, you may qualify for an additional discount through our “Gives Back” program. Please ask us for more information by emailing Wendie Wilson-Miller at:

  • Cancer survivors
  • Founded a non-profit company (which is currently your primary job)
  • Hold positions as a teacher, police officer, fire or emergency workers, are in the military or a veteran

Take the first step towards egg donation and request a username and password for our online donor database. You can also drop us a line on our online contact form or give us a call at 818-505-3026 to set up a consultation. Once you are ready, you can begin completing our online recipient application.

Assisted Reproduction for LGBT Families

We understand that in your world, your family isn’t considered alternative. You’re not in ours, either. Gifted Journeys openly welcomes gay or lesbian egg donors, recipient parents, as well as single parents and transgendered families.

When working with us, we assure you that your family is welcome at any time and in any stage of your relationship. Whether you’re married or unmarried matters not to us. Marriage is a choice (whether you choose to be married or can be by law.) We are ardent supporters of marriage equality legislation on both a state and national level. You may have had past experiences with other agencies who weren’t receptive to gay and lesbian egg donation recipients. In many cases, those agencies don’t accept gay and lesbian egg donors. We’re happy to say that is definitely not our philosophy.

So the question remains, do we work with openly gay egg donors? Yes. After all – the desire to give an incredible gift is never dictated by sexual preference.
You’ll receive exactly the same resources that any married, heterosexual family would have when working with us. While it seems silly that we would have to point that out, we answer a myriad of questions every day and understand the most important thing: you want a family. That’s what Gifted Journeys is here to help you accomplish, with love, compassion and unprecedented industry expertise. If you need a referral to a reproductive specialist who specializes in working with the LGBT community, we can easily provide a number of referrals.