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Motivation and wisdom were in abundance recently at the Fourth Annual International Surrogacy and Infertility Conference, held in the City of Tel Aviv in Israel. A majority of the attendees were hopeful gay dads in Israel who were seeking information about the surrogacy process in the United States. Surrogacy in Israel is only legal under […]

New Technologies to Watch!

Are you one of our intended moms above the age of 35? Or have you had repeated miscarriages? Have you gone through several unsuccessful cycles of in vitro fertilization treatment? Or are you worried about multiple pregnancy? We here at Gifted Journeys want to ensure that you know about an exciting technology to consider among […]

With each step, I celebrate the moment that I might have a baby

The last thing someone wants to hear when he or she is going through the painful, heart-wrenching journey of infertility is “seize the day; let’s dance!” Most of the hopeful parents I get the opportunity to meet have come to us at the latter part of their journey worn down, tired and sad. Many of […]

When Agency Owners Do Bad Things: Allison Layton and Miracles Egg Donation

Last week, Allison Layton, owner of Miracles Egg Donation entered into a plea arrangement with the U.S Attorneys Office whereby she was sentenced to 8 months in federal prison and three years probation for cheating more than 40 of her clients out of more than $270,000. Allison Layton was holding those funds “in trust” for egg donors and […]

It’s Not Polite to Talk About Money, but…..

When we first talk about the surrogacy experience we talk about altruism, compassion and the huge hearts of the women who agree to carry a pregnancy for someone who cannot. This is an important focus and one that remains consistent throughout the process. Eventually, though, after many other issues have been addressed or at least […]

5 Reasons You’d Be A Great Gestational Carrier

At Gifted Journeys, we get a lot of calls from women considering surrogacy. What is overwhelming to us is the profound sense of compassion that is expressed. We hear stories of loved ones, family members, friends and co-workers whose infertility inspired an interest in learning more about the surrogacy process. If a big, warm and […]

What About Surrogates and Pumping Breast Milk?

If you are in this field long enough and if you work with really progressive colleagues, you see change. We see it in so many aspects of assisted family building, the age of intended mothers, gay family building, changes in practices regarding the number of embryos to transfer. Another area of change we are delighted […]

The Role of the Lawyers in A Surrogacy Journey

The legal aspects of surrogacy loom large. For our team at Gifted Journeys, legal analysis begins when we are reviewing a gestational carrier application: does the carrier reside and will she deliver in a surrogacy friendly state? We take no risks with our surrogacy cases as far as the legality of the arrangement and the […]